The Gardens

Here at the CCRM Gleaning Project, our staff and volunteers tend to 10 garden sites which include 22 individual gardens in Northern Chautauqua County. Our program also helps facilitate an innumerable amount of community gardens and personal kitchen gardens throughout the whole of Chautauqua County. 

 Here is a list of our gardens!

1. Mathews' Garden in Portland, NY on Mathews' Rd.  Deb who runs Mathews' Greenhouses generously donates half of her field to the Gleaning Project each year so that we can grow food for the soup kitchen. 

2. Porter Ave. Garden in Fredonia, NY on Porter Ave.  The Outlaws allow us to use their lawn and water to grow fresh produce for those who need it.
Porter Ave. Garden

3. The Paper Lark Garden in Dunkirk, NY right behind the Chautauqua County Rural Ministry.  The garden is open to anyone in the area who wants to grow food for themselves or the soup kitchen.  
Paper Lark Garden 

4. Dunkirk Bicentennial Flower Garden across from the high school in Dunkirk, NY.  During the Emily Dickinson "Big Read" event, a dedicated group of college students from SUNY Fredonia planted a wealth of bulbs and flower seeds to beautify the park.  It is the Gleaning Projects' job to maintain the flowers and make sure that they are getting enough water and love.

5. Boy's and Girl's Club Educational Garden in Dunkirk, NY across from the club of Rt. 5.  The kids from the Boy's & Girl's Club learn basic garden skills and have the chance to get their hands in the dirt and grow fresh fruits and veggies to bring home to their families.

6. BOCES Education Garden in Fredonia, NY on Fredonia/Stockton Rd.  We teach students from different classes at BOCES how to garden, compost, and cook food grown in their gardens.  Many of the students are limited by wheelchairs and the Asheville BOCES center shop class recently constructed two handicap accessible raised beds to allow these students to be able to participate in the school garden. 

7. Fredonia First Presbyterian Church hosts a small but plentiful garden. This year, we added two raised beds at this location and hope to add more in the future,it is a lovely spot for a garden!

8. SUNY Fredonia Technology Incubator Garden. Started in 2015 the CCRM partnered with the Technology Incubator to place and plant two 12' raised beds. This was a wonderful addition to our gardening program and we were able to grow a variety of vegetables here, such as eggplant, zucchini, collards, brussels sprouts and a variety of hot peppers.  

9.Friendship Garden Located at the Friendship Baptist Church is home to a 12' raised bed urban giving garden. This garden was added in 2015 and was used to grow a variety of lettuce and radish veggies. This Garden benefits the friendly kitchen as well as our emergency food pantry. 

If you, your workplace, or your organization is interested in starting up a garden then please contact us here at the Gleaning Project! or 716-366-1787 

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