Friday, May 8, 2015

Community Gardening

The day is so beautiful that it had me thinking about gardening! If you don't have the space or time to commit to a full garden of your own community gardening is a great program to get involved with. There are many ways to get involved with community gardening . 

1. Volunteering is great!! Volunteers make these gardens possible. This doesn't even have to be structured volunteering. Basically if you see a weed in a community garden feel free to pull it, just make sure its not actually a plant someone planted there ;) As always if you are interested in volunteering with the CCRM feel free to call our offices at 716-366-1787.

2. Start seeds- for your local food pantry or other organizations in the community, such as a church or school program.

3. Grow a row. This a great thing to do to help your local pantry have healthy local fruits and veggies to offer to those in needs. You can do this by simply donating a row of the crops you grow to support healthy nutrition in your community. This can really make a difference to a family that would otherwise go without fresh food.  

4. Spending family time- Gardening is a really great way to get outside with your kids and enjoy the sunshine, while teaching them where their food comes from and how it grows. This is also a great way to disconnect from their technology and reconnect with nature.  

Okay, now go enjoy the beautiful sunshine & garden :). 

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